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canstockphoto1879410The beginning of a relationship is often so invigorating, exciting, and usually full of romance and love.  Falling in love is a time that many people cherish and can’t get enough of, but the reality of relationships is that after a time it begins to simmer down and lose steam.  Sure, the honeymoon phase is great, but after a while, annoying habits are noticed, bad attitudes may surface, and the desire to be together ALL of the time lessens.

It is quite normal for relationships to change over time and it is common that arguments and disagreements enter into the picture. Most couples adapt to the changes in a healthy manner, but sometimes a couple’s relationship becomes unhealthy.

Sometimes a woman will remain in an unhealthy relationship because she thinks that she can change her partner.  She may love him or she may have lost all love for him, but she sticks by his side for one reason or another.  Some women stick it out for years and years and really never do change their partners and end up spending a lot of years in misery.

The truth of the matter is that a woman cannot really change her man.  She can only change herself and her behavior or reaction to her partner.  A man is different from a women and for women to think they can change men to be more like them is a false expectation and sets her up for failure.  It is true that men can change certain behaviors if they really want to and make the effort, but too many women try to change their man to meet their expectations and end up heartbroken.

When no change occurs after trying all sorts of tactics to produce change, some women will leave their man, but other women will continue to stay in an unhealthy relationship due to a variety of reasons. Perhaps she is afraid of starting over alone or she feels that her man is hers and no one else can have him. Maybe she is financially dependent upon him or she doesn’t want the kids to have to handle a divorce.  Or perhaps she really does believe in her mind that she can somehow help him to change.

Women are master manipulators and some women get it in their minds that they can manipulate a relationship so it is the way she wants. She believes she can control her partner and even her children.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.  When it doesn’t and a woman is unhappy in an unhealthy relationship, the couple ought to communicate with each other to try to come to a solution.

Communication is one of the most important characteristics of a relationship.  If you don’t like something about your partner, tell him politely. See if he will try to change it based upon your preference. If he doesn’t, do your best to let it go or if it is a deal breaker, then go. To stay in a miserable relationship doesn’t do anyone any good. You can’t always change your man; that’s the truth.

With openness, communication, and a plan, couples oftentimes get through their differences by either changing or accepting each other’s personalities and idiosyncrasies.  Part of growing together and individually is accepting each other for who you are- even if it isn’t exactly what you want.


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Dec 152013

FlingMany people in this world have had a fling. Do you know exactly what a fling is? A fling is basically a time of two people’s lives where they are infatuated with each other but have no desire to be in a committed relationship. Flings can typically happen after meeting someone at a bar, meeting someone on vacation, or just meeting someone at work. The difference between a fling and a relationship is the seriousness of it. If you want a relationship, do not have a fling with someone because they are not serious. If you want a fling, do not have a relationship with someone.

How is a fling different than a relationship?

According to most men, a fling is not much different than a relationship. Years ago, couples used to court each other before officially dating and committing. Some may argue today that flings are the new and improved form of courting. You may still be seeing other people, you may still not be completely committed, and you are exploring your options which is somewhat similar to courting. Flings are basically a mutual agreement between both people involved that you will not get attached to each other and will not make things serious. In many people’s opinions, most people have a fling before ever having a relationship.

Do you want your fling to become a relationship?

Sometimes, once you get to know the person you are having a fling with quite well, you may want to turn your fling into a serious, committed relationship. If you want a relationship out of a fling, you must read into the signs. Are you only hooking up at nighttime? Have you ever shared a meal together? Do you talk about serious issues in your lives? Do you consider this person a friend or just a hookup buddy? What were the terms you agreed to? Figure out the answers to these questions and if you feel your fling is turning into a relationship, go with it if that is what you want. In many cases, flings do turn into relationships because you are getting comfortable with each other.

Another tip if you want your fling to become a relationship is to ask your partner about it. Ask your partner if they are feeling the same way you are. Do they want a relationship? What are their future plans? Are they dating other people as well? Talk to your partner about your feelings if you are serious about having a relationship instead of a fling.

Why did you choose to have a fling instead of a relationship?

Before you confront your partner about having a relationship instead of a fling, consider why you agreed to have a fling instead of a relationship. Are you too busy with work and other personal matters to have a relationship? Do you want to date other people to see who else is out there? It only takes one person to change your mindset and change your life and if you feel that the person you are having a fling with could be the one, make the necessary changes to try for what you truly desire.

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Nov 172013

How To Fix A Break Up Image3

A relationship breakup can certainly be full of emotions and sadness. The world is full of broken hearts over failed relationships for sure. If you have recently had a breakup and you want your ex-boyfriend back, there are certain things you can do to make him fall for you again.  Of course, not everyone gets their ex back, but it sure helps if you understand a little bit about male psychology.

Male psyche 101

Did you know that most women who want their ex-boyfriends back do all the wrong things? Yes, they think they are scoring points with him, but they are actually driving him further away. If you think quantities of pleading text messages, long voice mails, and stalking all work, think again.  They don’t!

Here are some great tips to use to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Let him be for a while.  After a break up, it is best to stay away from each other for a time period.  If you are constantly badgering your ex and telling him you miss him, he is more apt to put and leave a wall up.  Let him have some space and you go on about your own life. Hang out with friends and focus on meeting your own needs.  If you happen to see your ex, casually say hello and keep it moving. This oftentimes causes ex’s to begin thinking about the good times you had in the relationships and he may start missing you.  It might be hard to stay away, but remember that it increases your chance of getting him back at some point.

Work on yourself.  Take some time during your single days to really work on yourself.  Get involved in a hobby. Hang out with your family and friends. Go on a vacation with a friend and enjoy life. Chances are that your ex will hear about how happy you are or he might even see your fun pictures on Facebook and start thinking about how much he misses you.  He will be thinking, “Wow, she doesn’t look sad at all about our breakup” and for some reason, this gets guys thinking that they want their girl back.

Be polite.  Even though you should give your ex some space, there may be times when you see him or want to engage in a polite conversation cordially.  It is alright to do so on occasion, as long as you don’t go all emotional on him.  If you start talking about “the relationship” or your emotions, you are more apt to push him away. If he makes contact with you, simply engage cordially and let him know that you are doing great.  This will cause him to think that you don’t even miss him and that tends to make a guy want a girl back.

There is a chance that you can get your ex-boyfriend back if he still has feelings for you. It simply takes some strategy and self-control.  Plenty of exes get back together for one reason or another and chances are that you can have another shot at your relationship as well.


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Oct 162013

How to Reconnect with Your Ex

Just about everyone will go through a breakup with a significant other at least once in their lives. It is unfortunate, but true. Sometimes life can get in the way of your true feelings for one another and breakups can seem like the only way out. Whether you ended the relationship with a significant other or the other way around, breakups can be extremely difficult to deal with. One may feel lonely, depressed, and completely heartbroken after experiencing a breakup which is why, often times, the two involved rekindle their relationship.

Why reconnect with your ex?

Many people cannot understand why anyone would want to reconnect with their ex. Think about it, if you have been dating someone for years and feel like you know everything about them but one stupid fight left you two alone and heartbroken, would you want to go date someone new or reconnect with the person you truly love? If you love your ex, would you not want to see if you could try again? If you both feel like the relationship could have been saved, would it not be nice to see if it can?

Call your ex.

If you are devastated by the loss of your significant other and feel the only person you would ever be with is them, you should try calling your ex to see if they feel the same way. As a rule of thumb, give your ex time to figure things out and calm down if the breakup was rough. After a few weeks alone, if you still feel that you want to be with them, give them a call. I am not talking about texting or emailing your ex; I am talking about picking up your phone, dialing their number, and talking to them. Let your ex know how you are feeling and in many cases, your ex is feeling the same way you are. Remember though, you broke up for a reason and I am sure those issues would still need resolved.

Start slow.

Many couples who decide that getting back together could be a good thing are not prepared for what could happen again. If you breakup and get back together quickly after, your problems that you had before are still present. Nothing would have been resolved. The best thing you can do when trying to get back together with your ex is to start things out slow. Start by talking here and there. Start by hanging out with your common friends one evening in a group setting. Do not start out right where you left off or I can guarantee that your problems will rise again.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Getting back together with your ex and having a happy life together is not guaranteed. Your ex may not want to start the relationship again and this is something you must prepare for. Along with anything in life, in order to protect your heart, you must hope for the best but prepare for the worst. If you are truly meant to be together, things will always work themselves out.

Check out our recommended best-seller for a full step-by-step guide on how to get your ex back The Magic Of Making Up. This will give you the best chance using special techniques to get back with your ex. If you’d like to learn more before you decide, read my full Magic Of Making Up Review.

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Sep 132013

Date IdeasAs I am sure all of you know relationships can be difficult at times. Since relationships can seem to die down after enough time passes, keeping your relationship alive and full of passion can also be difficult. In order to have a happy, successful relationship that will last for a lifetime, you must know how to keep your relationship alive and rekindle the fire that you both once had when you first met.

The beginning stages of every relationship is called “the honeymoon phase” because you feel more in love than ever and feel that the love you have will never die. In all honesty, almost every relationship will go through dull times and that is when breakups can happen. You must learn how to keep your love alive and passionate in order to have a successful relationship.

Dates are time that you spend together just the two of you to remember why you enjoy being with each other. Every couple needs to have special date nights. Planning a date night is not always as easy as you may think, though. Dinner and movie dates can get boring after a while and then you must know what other options you have.

Mini golf.

Going to a mini golf course on a date is a great idea because it gives you a chance to compete with each other. I am sure you two just love to compete in many aspects of your life and mini golf gives you a chance to compete in a fun way. Try setting up a prize for the winner of the game to make it even more exciting.


Being out in nature is a great way to focus on your lives and automatically puts you in a good mood. Nature has that effect on people. If you are looking for an adventurous date idea, trying going for a hike up a mountain and look forward to seeing the amazing view.

Amusement park.

Couples need to laugh together. Laughter can be the best medicine for any problem in your relationship and can help you remember why you are truly in love in the first place. Amusement parks are a great place for a date because it gets your adrenaline pumping and laughter bursting. Try riding every single roller coaster and holding hands on each one. Enjoy the day and focus on the happiness in your relationship.

Romantic night in.

Dates do not always have to be outside of the house. You can have a very romantic date night in the house. Try cooking a dinner together and having a candlelight, romantic meal. After, snuggle up in the bedroom to watch a romantic movie together. You can finish the night off by taking a luxurious bubble bath together and talking about your love. Dates can be just as good, or even better, inside the home.

In order to rekindle the fire in your relationship, you must realize that you need special time together to focus on each other.

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Aug 282013

Hey to all my lovely readers, I’m back with another post… this one’s for the ladies this time… sorry fellas! (We’ll get one for you later!)

If you’re heartbroken and missing your man, I hope this will help give you a much needed boost to your confidence and general outlook. You deserve to feel better about yourself… go ahead, read on!

Relationships often go in cycles. Sometimes things are up and it all seems like smooth sailing. At other times, you drift apart and the waters are choppy and sharks seem to be circling. Sometimes you break up. Other times your relationship simply limps along. That loving feeling you used to have together feels like it’s gone for good. But, what if you could get it back? What steps do you need to take to make him fall back in love with YOU?

Treat Yourself Like the Lady You Are

Sometimes you forget to treat yourself like a lady. You forget that you need a little pampering. You need to feed your soul. More importantly, you need to take care of yourself — physically. You need to eat right, exercise, take care of your skin, get a new hair cut, etc. You need to feel good about the reflection you see in the mirror. You need to do all the things a lady does to feel like someone who deserves to have doors opened for her as well as other acts of chivalry. Once you start treating yourself like a lady, chances are he’s going to notice and start treating you like a lady too.

Remember that this is about making you happy. Make changes that matter to you — that will help you feel better about yourself and more confident. Some of the changes you might consider include:

  •  Diet/Weight loss
  •  Fitness
  •  Makeover
  •  Wardrobe update
  •  Spa treatment
  •  New hair style
  •  Manicure
  •  Pedicure
  •  Teeth whitening

The changes do not have to be drastic in order to have a drastic impact on your self-confidence and outlook on the world around you. Nor, do they need to be major overhauls to get him to take notice. The main take away from this, however, is not that he won’t love you if you’re imperfect. It is that it is easier for him to fall back in love with you if you aren’t busy tearing yourself down for perceived flaws instead.

Fall in Love with the Woman You Are

While it’s always good to strive for improvement, it’s also important that you love yourself for the woman you are. He will find it much easier to love you all over again if you love yourself as well. I’m not suggesting that you become a woman who is self absorbed or self obsessed. Only that you accept yourself for who you are and find peace with that. Embrace your strengths. Work to change your weaknesses, but don’t punish yourself for being human. All of us are. Once you learn to love yourself, you’ll be a much happier, person he’s likely to find irresistible.

You don’t have to move mountains or make miracles to win back his love. Love may ebb and flow over time but it takes a while to go away completely. The odds are in your favor that if he’s loved you before, you can easily win back his love once you learn to love yourself too.

Let me know if this makes you feel any better, gives you more confidence and generally helps in any small way, as I’d like to keep posting helpful advice if you enjoy reading it! If you’re interested in learning how to get back with your ex step-by-step, you can read my review of a book which is recommended on this site called the Magic Of Making Up. This will inform you of it’s contents and why I recommend it here.

Thanks for reading.

Rooting for ya, Mike

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Jul 232013

Hi Mike again, so this time I’m asking you what one thing would you like to happen in your life right now. Most people reading this will have just been dumped or be on a very rocky road leading to the end of their relationship. So I’m asking what you would most like for you/your life that would perhaps either resolve or rewind your current situation.

There will be different responses to this one and I’m intrigued if there is perhaps one thing from many that stands out or if every relationship is completely different. My guess is that there will be a few core similarities.

  • Do you want your ex to change their mind and take you back?
  • Do you want the pain of heartache to disappear?
  • Do you wish you hadn’t cheated?
  • Do you wish your ex hadn’t cheated?
  • Do you want to rewind time and go back to life before the breakup?

Let us know YOUR answer and feel free to be as honest as you feel comfortable being. THere’s no right or wrong answer, just what YOU would like to happen in your life right now.

Ciao for now, Mike

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Jul 022013
Finding Good Online Relationship Advice

So, you’ve hit the internet up for some online relationship advice because you’re really struggling to get a hold of your current situation. Well, that’s pretty common these days, with access to online information and advice being so easy. If you’re relationship seems to be breaking up or has already broken up then there are a number of things you need to do (See my How To Fix A Broken Relationship page).


Information Overload

Ultimately you can end up reading a lot of different advice from millions of different people online and that an be a very difficult task to find out which advice you should take. And then when you think you’ve found some good relationship advice, it might actually turn out to have a detrimental affect on your current situation.


So What Do You Do?

Well, you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve. Do you want to get back with your ex? Do you want to move on? Do you just need some time to sort your head out? You need to decide what the end goal is and start to work towards that. If you want to stay with your partner or get back with your ex, then actually what would be more beneficial is to have a step-by-step plan to get that person to see your point of view.


Get A Step-By-Step Plan

This is really important if your head is a mess and you’re having a truly horrible time right now. It’s vital to get a plan to get your ex back, otherwise you’ll end up making mistake after mistake and potentially ruining your chances for good. If you could not only have a solid plan in place, but also help and advice, every step of the way to make sure you stick to the right path, you’d stand a much better chance of getting your ex back and beating all the other random online relationship advice.


Proven Method

Now, as well as having your step-by-step plan, help and advice… what if you could gave a plan and help and advice from a person who has proven methods to implement all of the above…? What if that person has already helped over 100,000 people get back together around the world? What if, with this person’s plan, advice and step-by-step guidance, you could get your ex back? Well, with the help of  TW Jackson’s Magic Of Making Up book you can do just that! If you’d like to find out more, please read my Magic Of Making Up review page. Or you can simply head straight over to his site and pick up a copy.


Give Us Your Thoughts & Comments

If you have any questions or would like to share your story, please do leave your thoughts and comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

Take care, Mike.

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Jun 072013

canstockphoto13731373So Summer is upon us again and it’s getting hotter. Well, for some it is… for other unfortunate people it’s getting decidedly cold. That’s because this time of year usually sees a big spike in couples splitting up. There are a few other times throughout the year like a few weeks before the holidays and Valentines day (and just before), but Spring and Summer are the other times that see big numbers of break ups.

This is most probably to do with the weather and people enjoying themselves and wanting to be footloose and fancy free. The grass is greener syndrome also plays a part and sometimes one half of the couple may stray and end up cheating on their spouse or partner. Sometimes it’s also a natural end, but there’s something about summer that’s a catalyst for a lot of people to pursue others and either deliberately or accidentally bring about the end of their relationship.

This may have happened to you or you may have had feelings of wanting to be single and be out of the relationship. Obviously the bond wasn’t strong enough between you both and something could well have been lacking on both sides. It’s worth spending some time investigating the reasons why and maybe evaluate your own relationship. If you can highlight those areas where you feel something wasn’t right, you can take that forward into new relationships and make sure that doesn’t happen again. This takes a mature head and the ability to own up to where you didn’t perhaps give enough to your ex.

If you’ve just been dumped and want some help and advice to get your through it, please read How To Fix A Broken Relationship for a basic view of the journey back to your ex. Once you’ve got a basic understanding you can check out what a highly recommended guy who’s proven method has to say. See T W Jackson’s The Magic Of Making Up for more info.

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May 102013
canstockphoto11432825Hey  there, Mike here again! Just wanting to grab your attention for a minute if possible?

Today I would like to highlight some key reasons why The Magic Of Making Up has proven to be so popular with people. If you’re still wondering about getting The Magic Of Making Up and have read my Magic Making Up Review already then here’s a few more reasons to check it out.

Did you know…

Reason 1)

TW Jackson (T Dub) has already helped over 100,000 people get back together using the techniques in his book! Amazing huh?

Reason 2)

It will show you exactly where you’re going wrong and help turn your behaviour around so you’re on the quickest path back to your ex. We’re talking step-by-step guidance here. You’ll be shown the way throughout. No more panicking!

Reason 3)

You can learn an instant healing technique to banish the heartache you currently feel. Priceless in my opinion and can be used for many other purposes in life, not just heartache.

Reason 4)

It works! There are lots of other ebooks out there that claim to help and I’m sure some of them do, but The Magic Of Making Up has already proven itself around the world in more than 77 countries. It’s a robust and effective tool at your disposal. Make the most of it.

Reason 5)

It will give you confidence in relationships for the rest of your life. You will have the knowledge and inner strength to be a better person and partner.


Thanks for reading and I hope this has helped you in your decision making process. As ever, if there are any questions you’d like me to answer, feel free to drop me a line!

Take care, Mike.

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