How To Fix A Breakup

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If you’re going through a break up, whether it be a marriage or long term relationship, then could help you in the right direction to get what you want most of all. Even if you’re the only one trying.


Even if you think it’s too late!How To Fix A Break Up_HeartHow-To-Fix-A-Break-Up_Heart.jpg

If you’ve made it here you must be going through a really tough time and I hope to help you through it with the aid of a great person I’ll mention shortly. Please do hang in there as you’ll start to feel so much better about everything! It’s a really hard time and I can relate to that 100% (Click on the ‘About Me’ tab in the menu above if you’re interested)



You’re not alone! Believe me!

Nearly everybody goes through a breakup at some point in their lives and it can be TOUGH. Most people have been through it at least once already, you may have too. That’s why I created this site, because I want to help that pain melt away for you as it did for me and get you enjoying life again with the person you want most of all. Yes… it’s not only possible, it’s been proven and has actually already worked for tens of thousands of people across the world! Just bear with me a little while longer…


Magic Of Making Up BookSo I tried the book…step-by-step…

T W Jackson (A.K.A. ’T-Dub’) taught me how to focus my thoughts and direction to take control of my life again. This included how to stop feeling those negative, self destructive feelings and start building my life and confidence back up. It was a real help having him explain the process step-by-step, because boy did I need it! It’s really not difficult to follow and I actually started feeling better immediately… no mean feat. It’s possible to alter the way you feel (in as little as 2 minutes) using a special technique he talks about called the Fast Forward Technique. (Perfect for that lingering heartache that seems to be with you from the moment you wake to the time you fall sleep!)


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Before long I was having fun

How To Fix A Break Up Image7

THAT made me appear more attractive and is what creates attraction. So when you’re having fun and you’re (genuinely) happy, you become attractive! That was a BIG KEY! I know you might be thinking the last thing you’re in the mood for is fun right now, but T-Dub will get you there faster than you thought possible and with just a little effort on your part.


A life changing experience

T-Dub can show you everything you need to do to get back to that happy place and I’m so grateful to him for sharing everything. So much so, that I want to help others find it, get the life they deserve and feel great about themselves again. If I can help to save families from splitting up too, that would be my ultimate goal. If I can help keep just one family or relationship together, by spreading T-Dub’s word, I’ll be a very happy man.


How To Fix A Broken RelationshipPut an end to the heartache starting today!

If you feel like this might be something you should try, there’s no obligation, but just a recommendation from me and over 50,000 others who’ve been where you are now and have used his techniques to get exactly what they want. Still not sure? – If you’d like, you can head over to read my Magic of Making Up Reviews page to get a deeper insight into the book before you decide.



Free ‘Opening Move’ Video

I hope you get everything you want and I wish you the best of luck for the future. I’ve included a link to one of T-Dub’s videos as they were enormously helpful to me. There are more videos there I can wholeheartedly recommend watching. Simply click on the video image below and you’ll be taken to the videos on his site.


How To Fix A Breakup_Video

Click on the video above and you’ll find more really helpful and free videos!

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