Magic Of Making Up Review – Does This Book Really Work?

Magic Of Making Up ReviewsHere’s my more detailed Magic of Making Up review, a book written by T W Jackson. Since I’ve actually read and implemented the advice and techniques from this ebook when I went through a break up, I wanted to show exactly why I recommend it to those who’ve recently been dumped, so you can make your own mind up.


At a time when I’d been left feeling devastated from a relationship break up, I wanted answers and needed help to stop obsessing over what had just happened and what I’d done to deserve it.

Little did I know that anything like this had even been written and that all I’d really expected to find would be people telling me how to just deal with it and just ride out the bad feeling until it finally went away years later.

I was somewhat prepared for and half expected that the “just deal with it” approach would be all I’d ever actually find. And why would I have thought any different, as that’s what everyone else I knew had to deal with in the past. They’d had partners leave them and they didn’t have anything I really wanted to hear . Sure people had there suggestions, which are never really based on anything concrete other than opinion.
Everyone I know that went through a break up, generally had to just cope with the pain and know that one day it goes away. That can take years to move past if you don’t end up getting back together. Not something I really wanted to happen to me, but I assumed I’d just have to go through the long painful road to happiness.


So when I finally did get online and start researching, I was blown away by the sheer amount of different information I was seeing everywhere… lots of very different viewpoints or perspectives. I think in the initial stages of a breakup, all you want to do is search for answers and I must have read so many articles, forum posts and blogs on relationship break ups and being dumped, that I knew this was something most people tend to go through at some stage in their lives and I most certainly wasn’t on my own with my feelings.

The Magic Begins

It was another similar evening of researching online sat at my desk, in my new single room in a new shared house that I stumbled across it and my whole outlook suddenly started to change within minutes. I’d found T Dub’s site and must have read through it 3 or 4 times that night, watching the videos on his page and taking it all in. Taking in the claims (which I wanted to believe so badly) and of course having scepticism about it.

The more I read the more I felt myself needing to let go and put my complete faith in T Dub.’s words. Seeing the number of testimonies on his site and knowing that he’d had so much experience with this kind of thing started to really cement my feeling that I was going to get hold of it. I think at the time he was into the tens of thousands of people that he’d already helped to get their relationships back together. For me that did give more credence to his claims of reuniting couples and rebuilding relationships and even families. However, this is the internet and people can and do make bold claims or exaggerate the truth. But, I took a chance…

I don’t remember how long it was after this, but I think it was the next day after sleeping on it and returning with a fresh mind that I pulled out my wallet and hit the ‘add to cart’ button.

On A Mission

You hit the ground running when you start working through The Magic Of Making Up, because T Dub has already shown you the first BIG step in the plan BEFORE you decide if you want to get his book. There’s a free video on his site called the ‘Opening Move’ which is all about writing a letter. This first step sets the ball rolling and you can already see how it’s going to benefit you. A full more detailed guide for writing the letter and other things to include are outlined within The Magic Of Making Up, but I guess there’s nothing to stop you writing it without having to get the book first.

New Direction

When you get the book, it’ll take you on a hand-held journey explaining to you why your relationship ended and why it’s not over just yet, to getting your head on straight so you can sort out the problems and re-ignite the passion and desire. It gives you a sense of purpose again and grounds you. It covers everything from dating, lovers, getting back into your relationship, keeping the fun and love and avoiding old wounds or arguments.

The other facet to this book is that you may decide that the old relationship is not what you want after all. This is what happened to me after a bit of an epiphany. It can take you through the ‘moving on’ element as well. You feel like you regain the power back in your life, so much so that you can be without that person if you wish.

Pain Relief

One of the first things you’ll learn is the Fast Forward Technique. This for me was a solidly consistent friend throughout the whole process. It teaches you how to release the physical pain of heartache (I know how strange that sounds!) – I was a bit sceptical at first as well… BUT boy does it work!! This is actually a technique you can use for lots of other areas of your life like for helping you quit smoking, to stop snacking and even dealing with a close bereavement. There a host of other real life applications, but, if all it does is take away the pain for this one purpose, for me it was well worth it just for that.

Extra Bonus

Added Extras

If you decide to get hold of a copy of The Magic of Making Up, you’ll also get some fantastic accompanying documentation as added free bonuses which really solidified my belief that T Dub is genuine about helping.

How To Boost Your Metabolism – Does exactly what it says and teaches you from scratch everything you need to know about your metabolism, Anabolism vs Catabolism and generally boosting your metabolism to aid fat loss, so you can appear fit and healthy in the quest to get back your ex. This will also keep you busy with the various instructional techniques to physically boost your metabolism.

Mind Magic – Psychological Tactics for Relationships – A 23 page report taking you through various mind magic tricks or tactics you can deploy during the whole process. There are some powerful lessons contained within these pages that you will be given examples of how best to use them, should you feel the requirement. This gives you more big guns at your disposal. These are really for use in conjunction with the main Magic of Making Up book and the general message it conveys. Some of you will definitely need to use some of them depending on the current state of your break up. Others can also be used further down the line.

The Clean Slate Method – Completely unpicks the inherent problems with making apologies and the seemingly all-to-common mistakes we make when speaking to partners. It shows how how our normal responses and behaviours can sabotage us and cause arguments that really don’t need to happen. This particular bonus is essential if you have been unfaithful or there has been a big indiscretion on your part. Even if not, it will completely transform future arguments before they happen, by preventing any ill-feeling between both you and your partner.

5 stars

I give the Magic of Making Up a full 5 out of 5!

In Conclusion

My goal at the outset was to get some perspective, learn what I had done wrong, learn what had ultimately caused the break up, stop obsessing about it, get myself stable and functioning properly again, stop the physical heartache and most of all to get my ex back. I achieved all of these and more in one way or another.

(I just want to add something here, my ex did indeed want to reconnect with me, after this, but I actually decided I no longer wanted to after taking a step back and clearing my head. So if I ‘d agreed, we’d have got back together if I’d followed through with it – there’s no doubt about that for me… I just chose another path when I realised she wasn’t the right person for me)

I also regained my sense of purpose in life, my freedom and independence, I learned a lot about relationships and how to help the ride become smoother for both people, I learned what causes problems in relationships and how to talk them through without defaulting to arguments (don’t get me wrong, I still occasionally argue with my new partner, just not about the petty things any more and they are over almost as soon as they started) I took up a new hobby, spent some quality time with friends and family and even decided to build this site as a testament to T Dub’s work.

For me the decision to buy the Magic of Making Up was one of the best decisions of my life. That’s not a small thing to say and actually thinking about that as I write this, just makes me feel more justified in recommending it to you. Don’t just take my word for it though, go check out the free videos on his site for yourself!

If you want to share any of your experiences with me and other readers of this site, please do get in touch. I’d love to start building up a page of readers stories, both successful and unsuccessful, so we have a true reflection of how it’s worked for others. Feel free to drop me a message below or using the ‘contact us’ page. I wish you all the best with your future and I hope you get what you want.

© Mike T.Magic Of Making Up

 Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the results you may or may not get as a result of using the products we recommend on this website. You must make your own decision to use the information contained within any books we review on this website and understand that you are responsible for the outcome of any relationship decisions you make.

Feel free to add some feedback and let me know if this review helped you make a decision to get the Magic of Making Up or if you didn’t think this review was very helpful. I appreciate your honesty. Thanks, Mike.


  1. My guy broke up with me last week, and I really want to get back together, with BOTH of us in a stronger place. Questions: Does this work if it’s already been a little bit of time and I’ve made some mistakes (over-apologizing for being so jealous, reaching out a little too often, for instance)? And… my guy is a pretty sensitive, new-age guy… but he IS still a guy. Just not your stereotypical guy (eg, he could care less about sports, but loves his motorcycle and driving fast cars… but also reads/writes poetry and cries when he is sad).

    Thank you!

    1. Hi JP,

      Thank you for leaving a message and welcome to my site.

      The techniques featured in the Magic of Making Up book most definitely do work, even if it’s been a while. It’s quite common for a bit of time to have gone by before people actually get back together. I believe it’s actually essential to get a better connection rekindled, in order to create a solid foundation for the relationship to grow (again).

      As T Dub mentions, things like communicating too much, apologizing and my favourite of all “text message terrorism” are all too common when one partner is desperate to get back with their ex. It’s a human thing and something we struggle to naturally control (generally without help) so you’l learn all about this and other mistakes you need to correct and avoid. You’ll get a full run down of helpful advice and a hand held guide on your journey so you don’t sabotage your chances.

      He sounds like a normal guy to me and I have no doubt this will work for you. It’s actually more about getting YOU to a place he will see you as an attractive prospect again, like when your first got together. You were no doubt displaying happy/fun emotions and personality in your character, rather than the desperate and hurt ones that may be appearing to him now. Once you get yourself levelled and grounded again you’ll feel better on the inside and look better to him on the outside.

      I hope that makes sense and if you have any more questions, please do get in touch.

      Maybe stop by and let us know how it goes for you? I would appreciate your honest opinions.

      All the very best on your journey and I’m rooting for you!

      Mike T

  2. Hi I read your review and I’m pretty much sold but very skeptical, my marriage ended 9 months ago with me leaving my wife, biggest mistake I ever made but I did it, I tried the moving on and taken different advice but I don’t want to, even though I left her and thought it was what she wanted and bearing in my mind I wasn’t the best husband ( two tours of Afghanistan and a messed up head didn’t help especially with the stubbornness of I’m fine I can sort myself out kind of mindset) what I’m asking is if I buy the book and it doesn’t work will the guarantee stand, this is why I’m so skeptical, I don’t think my ex will take me back even though I haven’t done anything bad like abuse or cheating it just broke down somewhere along the way, I’m clutching at straws but I need to try something, will it help or work and if it doesn’t will I get my money back, your review has helped massively sway me towards buying it but I’m still not sure. Thanks

    1. Hi Tommy,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a message and I’m sorry I couldn’t respond sooner.

      It sounds like you’re going through a real tough time right now and I’m sorry to hear what happened in your situation. Normally things like this happen when there’s an imbalance in the relationship or something isn’t quite right and maybe hasn’t been for some time. If at some point you’re able to isolate what that is, it will help you learn from it and, for your part help you be a better partner in future. There are two sides to every coin and your ex can also learn from mistakes or problems on her side. This is also explained in the book.

      It sounds like you may also have your own personal obstacles and complications to work through (and it could be a worthwhile cause addressing those for yourself first and foremost. The benefits of this will filter down to being better for a future relationship and partner. Improving your outlook on life is definitely a good goal. I can recommend a great FREE meditation app if that’s something else you might find useful? Checkout Omvana and more specifically the 6 Phase Meditation – completely free. It’s a 20 minute meditation you can do each day and I’ve already started seeing the benefits after a week of using it. Check it out and let me know if it has had any effect for you.

      *Please note I’m not a psychologist or certified professional in this area by any stretch of the imagination- I just own this blog in the hope it will help others find a helping hand if/when they need it. I only recommend things which I’ve used or purchased myself and if it’s not good, I won’t recommend it. There is too much cr*p out there to care about and waste time and money with and life is just too short.

      Moving on to your question of the money back guarantee…. On T Dub’s site he does make reference to the refund available to you if you’re not happy with the product. (see extract from his site below)

      “Order and download The Magic Of Making Up. If you are not back together with your ex within 60days…or you are not absolutely delighted for any reason…You will receive a prompt and courteous refund.”

      I’ve never had cause to doubt T Dub thus far. I’ve been following his work over the last 6 years or so now and he’s a very genuine and helpful guy. You can research him and his other ventures via any search engine too if it helps. Just make sure to keep all transaction records/receipts, emails and contact email addresses etc to make it quicker and easier to get the refund.

      The book helped me so much and the important thing is it got me to a place where I was not a mess and back in control of myself and my emotions. Then, I was ready to broach the subject of contacting my ex again properly. It gets you feeling much happier about yourself and that’s what creates attraction for your ex. The content of the book is nothing but positive and helpful, so I’m sure you will get a lot out of it.

      If you do decide to go ahead and get the Magic of Making Up book, and for any reason you don’t get on with it, like it or find it just doesn’t work for you – obviously first of all, go for the refund and get your money back, but also I hope you’d swing by and leave a message here as to what it was that you didn’t find worked for you. This will help me and the blog and also other readers make a more informed decision before deciding if it’s for them or not.

      Come back if it works too!!! I’d love to hear back whichever way it goes for you and I wish you nothing but success with your journey and as T Dub always says – I’m rootin’ in for you!

      All the very best,


  3. My name is jaz and I have met my boyfriend in December 2014 we dated for nearly 2 months before he broke up with me. January 19th was the night he sent the break up text message. Without thinking rationally I went in straight to panic mode with bombarded apologizing text messages and on Facebook( he read all of them but never replied). Till this day I still don’t have a clear possible reason why of the break up, but I have done some thinking and I have some possible causes to why of the breakup. I’ve tried going in no contact twice and the third attempt, I have successfully completed around 45 days of the no contact I’ve tried contacting him a week ago to see if my number was still blocked. To this day all of the 8 numbers I called him some or all blocked. I have been taking care of myself reading working at my job and using L.O.A. in all aspects of my life. My question is: Since my ex hasn’t made any attempts in contacting me. Should I continue on with life without any chance or Opp of reconciliation with him?

    1. Hi Jaz, thank you for taking the time to comment and sharing your story with us, it’s very much appreciated and I can relate somewhat to your situation, as I’m sure a lot of people who had their relationship ended by their exes can.

      First and foremost I must say that I’m not in any way a relationship expert and I certainly don’t make any claims like that here. Any advice or experience I share should be balanced out with other peoples experiences and research and reflection on your part. Please also feel free to disregard my advice at any point as you see fit. I can only share my own break up experience and offer advice that has worked for me personally and according to T Dub, the author of the Magic of Making Up, a lot of others before me.

      It is always worth concentrating on yourself, as you are doing by the sounds of things and taking the time to get back to being comfortable with you and building your life to the point you desire it to be. I would recommend this be a place where you’re having fun again and you’re comfortable to go out and meet new people and where you’re not hung up on your ex, as that’s a big turning point where you regain the power of your emotions and control of your thoughts. That way time spent thinking about your ex is massively diminished and the feelings of heartache are greatly minimised.

      Take the control back of your life. It’s a great feeling when you get there. Make sure you have your own social life, hobbies, interests, passions going on and if possible and surround yourself with friends and family. Make the most of new opportunities and see where life takes you.

      At that point things might go one of two ways… either you decide you are strong enough to move on, as you decide you’re having too much fun to care about your ex (you might even meet someone new along the way), or, your ex comes back into your life and you might become close again. Neither of these are guaranteed and ultimately your life is what you make it, so I hope you make it a good one!

      If you’re still reflecting on the reasons for the breakup, you can research the top reasons why breakups happen and why couples split up. Whatever you discover or believe the reason to be, it’s something that you can learn from going forward. Normally breakups occur when something is not not right in the relationship and maybe wasn’t for a while or maybe never was to begin with. Mine was a wakeup call and ultimately I chose not to continue it.

      I don’t know if that helped at all Jaz, but I appreciate you sharing you experience. I hope you get everything you want out of life and for your future goals.

      I’m Rootin for you!


  4. sounds good I just got dumped and I want my ex girlfriend back. can’t deal not being with her. maybe this will help but I don’t know.

    1. Hi Jose, I’m really sorry to hear that. I understand how you’re feeling and I know you’ll start to feel better (although you may not believe me right now).

      If you’re thinking about getting your ex girlfriend back, I can definitely wholeheartedly recommend the Magic Of Making Up to help get you back on track.

      Sounds like you could do with a helping hand and I can’t think of anyone better than T Dub to guide you through the whole process.
      If you have any questions at all please do drop me a line and I’d be more than happy to help.

      I hope you get everything you want and start feeling better soon.

      I’m rooting for ya! Mike

    1. Hello nkechi, thank you for your question.

      To get hold of the Magic Of Making Up e-book, you can simply click on the video at the bottom of the front page or click on the picture of the Magic of Making Up book above. This will take you through to the authors site where you get hold of it.

      I hope that helps, but if you have any further questions, please do let me know. Thank, Mike

  5. i bought the digital download and have not been sent the link to download it. what could the problem be

    1. Hi Kyle,

      I’m Sorry to hear that. Did you contact the vendor yet or did it come through in the end? If you contact them directly, they will be able to ascertain what happened and resolve it for you. Hopefully you’ve already received it.


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