How To Save Your Relationship

How To Save Your RelationshipFor many of us, at some point you wake up and realise your relationship doesn’t seem to be as fun or fulfilling as it once was when you first got together. Things become routine and boring and you both lose energy. Other things or people distract you form your partner and you can start to lose focus. You’re in a RUT!

How To Save Your Relationship

When you’re in a rut in your relationship, it can quickly spiral downward and it’s important to recognise some of the symptoms mentioned above early, so you can change your situation to improve how you both feel. To understand this in a bit more detail and why it happens, you have to look at the basic needs of humans.

One of the main causes of getting stuck in a rut is the fact that we need some form of excitement and something new and different in our lives to keep us satisfied and happy. We are curious by nature and so it becomes import to inject something new into your lives at periodic times.

Change Is Good!

If the hum-drum existence of work life, family or home life is all that fills your day, for week after week… eventually you’ll start to get bored with the monotony of plodding through life on auto-pilot. It’s time for a change and some excitement!! This doesn’t have to be expensive and a change in one or more aspects of your life can have a beneficial effect on your relationship.

You could try and spice things up in the bedroom (or another room for something a bit different!) Have a look online at some ideas for where you could take this. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at these for some inspiration…

You could surprise your partner with a change in routine, you could take on some of their responsibilities so they get a break to relax and do something they wouldn’t normally do… Chores for example and then take them out for dinner afterwards.

You could plan a trip away from your house – a night in a fancy hotel, with a nice dinner, a weekend away somewhere new and different or a full blown vacation to a new country. You could incorporate some crazy activity in there which will give you more memories for the future.

Book a day off work for you both and just do something totally selfish and have a good time together. Something that’s different from the norm and a complete change for you both.

I hope that starts to get your creative juices flowing and thinking about what would perhaps be something more tailored to your partner and what they’d really get excited about! If you’d like to share any ideas you have, if you think they’re crazy, fun or exhilarating then leave a message and share them with us.

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