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DatingTop Signs you are NOT Ready to Date

Dating can definitely be challenging and even frustrating at times but the results that dating can have, such as a life-long relationship or marriage, can make dating completely worth it. If you have ever dated in the past, I am sure you have had to go through a bad date or a breakup which can actually scar you for a long time. If the date you went on was absolutely horrifying or if a breakup you experienced left you feeling empty, jumping into the world of dating again may not be a good idea for you yet. There are signs you should look for in yourself that can determine if you are ready or not to date again.

All about your ex

Think about how your last relationship ended. What went wrong? Why did your relationship fail? How long have you been single? Have you had time to deal with the breakup? Are you over your ex? These are questions you must ask yourself before you jump into the world of dating again. If you are secretly looking at your ex’s pictures on Facebook and secretly stalking everything they do, you are clearly not over your ex, which means dating can be a terrible idea for you right now. Do you plan dates with other people at a place that you ex hangs out often? Are you hoping to bump into your ex when you are with another person to make them jealous? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you are NOT ready to date.

How are your feelings?

Before you decide to start dating again, you must make sure you are emotionally stable enough to handle all that could come your way. Are you constantly crying during sad chick-flick movies? Do you feel sad when your other friends go out on dates and you are left at home? Do you break down at any sad love story that you see or hear about on TV or the internet? If you feel that your emotions are unstable in any way, dating is not in your best interest right now. How would you feel if the date went south? Would you wait until you got home to cry your eyes out? Would you wish that you were more desirable? In order to date happily, you must be confident with yourself and expect to feel okay no matter what happens on your date. If you feel that you cannot do that, you are NOT ready to date.

Figuring out if dating is right for you at this time can be hard but needs to be done before you accept a date invitation from the hot guy across the room at the bar. Make sure you are completely over your ex before you start dating again and also make sure that you are emotionally stable enough so you can handle anything that comes your way. Dating can be a wonderful experience if you are completely ready.

What Are Safe Subjects To Talk About On A First Date?

I am sure you have all had that one date in your life that started out awkward and ended terribly. Do you know why it started out awkward? Conversations that you have on your first dates and topics that are talked about can drastically affect the mood of the date and can make or break your relationship together. There are both safe and unsafe subjects that can be talked about on a first date that every person needs to know. It would be terrible if you missed out on a great person because you brought up a topic that is not easy to talk about when you are still strangers.


Talking about your family is considered a safe subject; talk about your brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, or even cousins and aunts and uncles. Family is a safe subject because it does not give you a chance to say something offensive or give the other person a chance to comment with something you do not like. If you are talking about your family on a first date, your date will be paying plenty of attention because they want to know what the family of their future possible boyfriend or girlfriend is like.


Of course, talking about your hobbies on a first date is a great idea because it gives you two a chance to see if you have anything in common. If you both like to go fishing, you could go together. If you both like to go out to eat at Thai restaurants, you could plan that for your second date. Make it a priority to talk about your interests and hobbies on a first date because it will really give you a chance to find out if you have interests in common other than each other. When talking about hobbies on your first date, try not to include religion or politics as one of your hobbies because you could then enter an unsafe conversation.


Talking about vacations and traveling is always a safe conversation that should be had on a date. Find out if your date has been to any of the same places you have, find out if your date loves to travel as much as you do, and find out where they would love to go in the future. You can easily talk about your past vacations, favorite vacations, and future vacation ideas together so if you do end up together, you can always think about your first date when your plans come to life. Talking about traveling is a very safe conversation and does not give many chances for one of you to say something wrong.

First dates can definitely be hard especially if you do not know the person you are going out with very well. Figuring out what to talk about can be even harder but if you can stay in the safe subjects of conversation, you do not need to worry about anything going wrong.

The basics of dating after a relationship breakup

Relationship break ups can be quite difficult for both men and women. Many times the pain is intense and the thought of ever dating again is the furthest thing from the mind. There are certainly many factors that can be involved.

Breaking up can cause a lot of grief and play havoc on the emotions. They oftentimes leave a person feeling incredibly sad, angry, frustrated, scared, and so on. These feelings can linger for quite some time depending on the person and the dynamics of the relationship. It may be a long time before either party can think about dating again, but chances are each person will eventually date again, so there are various things to keep in mind before doing so.

To begin with, be advised that after a break up it is wise to take a sabbatical from the dating world. Time off for healing and reflection is a good idea so that you don’t bring any unneeded emotional baggage into the next relationship. There are lessons to be learned in each failed relationship, but if you don’t take time to contemplate them, you are losing out.

The time needed will vary from person to person. Take as much time as you think you need in order for healing to occur. You want to be able to add much value to your next relationship so make it your goal to be at your best every which way before dating again. If you jump into a relationship too soon after a break up, the chances of that relationship becoming toxic is greater. Being alone often forces people to learn and grow in areas that you need to grow in.

Try not to let your mind continually wander back to the relationship. Bad memories can keep you feeling down for a long time, so you must try not to focus on them. If you happen to have bitter feelings, do your best to let them go before beginning to date again. You don’t want to take your bitterness out on your new date. Let each new date have a clean slate.

You might feel a bit anxious when you begin dating again. This is quite normal. Even super confident people can become nervous when it is time to begin dating again. Try not to let anxiety or fear hold you back from dating. If you do, you may be alone the rest of your life. Allow courage to rise up and move forward despite fear or anxiety. Take some deep breaths and do your best to relax as you begin your dating journey. Remember that you have dated before and nothing tragic happened and as you begin dating again, nothing tragic will happen.

As you begin dating, think about possible places that you can meet new men. You may find a possible date at work, but if not, get out into your community in effort to meet new men. You can join a fitness club, athletic league, support group, religious club, or volunteer in the community. If you simply go to work and go home, chances of meeting men is slim.

Plenty of people have met new men via online dating. There are a plethora of online dating websites to choose from. Some are free, but most require a joining fee if you want to engage with people. Online dating is a great option because it gives you the chance to meet people that you might not ever meet in your community. You can meet people in different states or even countries to see if you can find a possible match.

Dating after a break up can be a difficult time, but it can also be an exciting time. Try to think positive as you meet new men and go out on dates. Give yourself some time to heal from your past relationship so that you are fresh and ready for new love.

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