Get Over Broken Heart Ache

How To Fix A Break Up_HeartWaking up with that sinking feeling that stays with you until you fall asleep is never a pleasurable experience. Especially when that feeling is a broken heart. Some people handle it in different ways, but for most people (I guess all people) that suffer heartache, they have the same end goal.

Get Over Broken Heart Ache

That goal, whether it comes with trying to repair a broken relationship, or attempting to move on as a single person into the unknown, will be to get over broken heart and the pain that comes with it. That pain that just seems to linger and sometimes comes and goes in waves getting stronger some days and fading slightly on others. It’s a pain that can leave you scarred but can also make you stronger.

Getting over broken heart ache can be a tough thing to do depending on your particular circumstances. It may also come easier to others. The one constant in both situations is that it requires work on your part, whether that is to do your best to get on with your life or to deal with it head on.

Change Your Focus

A good thing to do is to change your focus from the heartache to doing something for yourself. Perhaps a new interest, new friends or a new wardrobe. All of these and many more to choose from can help you feel better and shift your mindset to something more positive. Definitely building or rebuilding a social life with old friends or new friends will give you a big boost. This can not only keep your attention elsewhere, but gives you something more permanent in your life to keep coming back to. Friends are a massive help when your relationship has broken up.

Use Psychology

Using psychological tricks to help ease the pain of a broken heart is also very worthwhile. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool which can help you beyond belief. You can find numerous techniques to help you calm the heartache which is going on inside you. You can learn to put it to one side and move on with your life without the constant distraction.

Get Help and Advice

If you’re interested to learn more about this, I can recommend a fantastic book called The Magic of Making Up by T.W Jackson. You can read my Magic of Making Up review and see what you think. It gives a detailed description of what’s included inside so you can make your own mind up if it might be beneficial to you. I wish you well on your journey and here’s to feeling better.

Here’s a great Ted Talk video for some great advice and explanations about the process of how to fix a broken heart:

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  1. Hey Mike, thanks for sharing this. It was a great read indeed. It will definitely help the one who has gone through break up and rejection.

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