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Hi I’m Mike. I wanted to create HowToFixABreakup.com to help others through what can be a truly life changing time.

Having experienced an unexpected break up of my own after a long term relationship, I was not in a good way and didn’t know what to do. I was lucky to have friends and people around me, however, nothing makes up for not having a person in your life to share your life’s ups and downs with. Suffice to say, I ended up trawling the internet for any advice on how to cope better and what I should do to help me through it, all the while trying to go about my normal daily life.

After reading lots of blogs, forums and other sources of advice – both good and bad (and some very obscure!) – I finally found something which really took me by the hand How To Fix A Broken Relationship

As I was saying, I found something that gave me exactly what I needed with techniques and plans to build myself back up and show me what I was doing wrong at each moment and how to correct that behaviour. It gave me my confidence back and completely turned my life around. So much so, that I had time to reflect and I realised that I didn’t want to be with that person anymore after all. It was then that I actively started to date again. (This is always interesting when you’ve just got out of a long term relationship!) I’d turned a corner and all the negative feelings I felt before melted away.

After a while my ex began to contact me and began to try to open a dialogue, but I did something I never would have thought possible before… I asked her to leave me alone. I realised with some time apart that we really weren’t right for each other and I’d moved on with my new found confidence. That was the last time we spoke and I’d finally got back in the driving seat of my life. My life was fun again! This showed me that the techniques I’d learned were so powerful that she was texting me and chasing me to get me back. It really worked. Only thing is, I’d decided we actually weren’t right for one another. Actually after a few months of dating and in only a short space of time being single, I found someone who I have lots more in common with 🙂 I look back at my life now and think it all happened for a reason. It goes to show how well the lessons I’d learned were truly working and can work for anyone else too.

My goal now is to help others who have experienced something similar and are going through their own emotional upheaval, by making this life changing information become easier to find. I was just on my own, but if it’s a family break up where kids are involved, it makes it that much more important for me to do something to help if it’s possible. I’d love to help couples get back together if they definitely want that or move on if that’s the right course for them. Don’t get me wrong, some people just aren’t good together, which I eventually found out. If that’s the case, you can learn to be single again and have fun looking for someone better matched to you. With T Dub as your guide, you’ll be prepared for either eventuality, making up or breaking up! It doesn’t have to be a nightmare, you can be in control of your destiny either way.

I hope this site helps you and I wish you every success with your relationships and your future. Don’t forget there absolutely is hope and help at hand and I’m doing better than ever because of it.

If you’d like to find out more, please read my Magic of Making Up Review page for more info, or if you already feel like you want to buy the Magic Making Up, then you can head straight over to the authors site.

All the best, Mike T. ©

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  1. I have a similar story to yours, although I did not ever go to the internet to really look for advice about moving on, I rather just tried to forget about all the painful memories and keep the ones that made me happy. Once I managed that, I was able then to take those good memories that made me smile (but still made me miss them) and turn those into lessons within themselves. I realized why they made me happy and this helped me when I came back out onto the dating scene because then I knew what would make me happy and what I was searching for. I think it is wonderful that you have now found the right gal to be with; it is always an absolute feeling of accomplishment and relief when we realize that we are finally with the right one. I think that the turning point for myself was also not giving into wanting to talk to my Ex again, I hurt so badly that as much as I wanted to “repair things,” I knew that I would never be able to fully let go if I had them as a friend, or even as a hope in the future. Once we gain back our power of not being so attached to that one person any more it definitely frees us up for being able to find what we once had (if not better), and allows us to forget the negative and actually enjoy life again and I mean really enjoy life again. Life is definitely about sharing, caring, discovering with your loved one, and not about worrying whether they are right or not. Once you find them, you realize that those goals you had can become a whole lot bigger and more wonderful when you have someone who admires, shares, and wants to succeed with you.

    1. Hi Danielle,

      Many thanks for the comment. I like what you’ve written here and I definitely agree with you about sharing your life’s goals and ambitions.

      I think it’s definitely a learning curve and it changes you for the better to go through it all. You focus more on what you want out of life and what you want to achieve after going through it. (Well I did anyway) You can share this with the new person in your life.

      Glad you’re now happy and enjoying life!

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