Welcome to the first ever blog post on howtofixabreakup.com!

To kickstart the site i’d like to say, you’ve come to the right place if you’ve just had you’re heart broken and you want to try to fix your relationship, or even if you want to be single for a while and move on with your life. We can help get y you moving in the right direction and get you feeling better today!

My aim is to help people through a traumatic time in their lives and get them back on their feet again with the help of a special person… T-Dub (or T W Jackson to give his more professional name). He’s truly fantastic and has helped me beyond words.

You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook and keep track of my latest blog posts and articles to get more hints and tips. I’ll also be getting a free gift organised soon, so if you sign up you can get it absolutely FREE… that’s right… nada… $0! Just signup with you name and email address in the box provided and I’ll get your free gift to you.

I hope you find this site helpful in your journey and may you get everything you desire in life.

Mike T

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