How Do I Make Him Fall Back In Love With Me?

Hey to all my lovely readers, I’m back with another post… this one’s for the ladies this time… sorry fellas! (We’ll get one for you later!)

If you’re heartbroken and missing your man, I hope this will help give you a much needed boost to your confidence and general outlook. You deserve to feel better about yourself… go ahead, read on!

Relationships often go in cycles. Sometimes things are up and it all seems like smooth sailing. At other times, you drift apart and the waters are choppy and sharks seem to be circling. Sometimes you break up. Other times your relationship simply limps along. That loving feeling you used to have together feels like it’s gone for good. But, what if you could get it back? What steps do you need to take to make him fall back in love with YOU?

Treat Yourself Like the Lady You Are

Sometimes you forget to treat yourself like a lady. You forget that you need a little pampering. You need to feed your soul. More importantly, you need to take care of yourself — physically. You need to eat right, exercise, take care of your skin, get a new hair cut, etc. You need to feel good about the reflection you see in the mirror. You need to do all the things a lady does to feel like someone who deserves to have doors opened for her as well as other acts of chivalry. Once you start treating yourself like a lady, chances are he’s going to notice and start treating you like a lady too.

Remember that this is about making you happy. Make changes that matter to you — that will help you feel better about yourself and more confident. Some of the changes you might consider include:

  •  Diet/Weight loss
  •  Fitness
  •  Makeover
  •  Wardrobe update
  •  Spa treatment
  •  New hair style
  •  Manicure
  •  Pedicure
  •  Teeth whitening

The changes do not have to be drastic in order to have a drastic impact on your self-confidence and outlook on the world around you. Nor, do they need to be major overhauls to get him to take notice. The main take away from this, however, is not that he won’t love you if you’re imperfect. It is that it is easier for him to fall back in love with you if you aren’t busy tearing yourself down for perceived flaws instead.

Fall in Love with the Woman You Are

While it’s always good to strive for improvement, it’s also important that you love yourself for the woman you are. He will find it much easier to love you all over again if you love yourself as well. I’m not suggesting that you become a woman who is self absorbed or self obsessed. Only that you accept yourself for who you are and find peace with that. Embrace your strengths. Work to change your weaknesses, but don’t punish yourself for being human. All of us are. Once you learn to love yourself, you’ll be a much happier, person he’s likely to find irresistible.

You don’t have to move mountains or make miracles to win back his love. Love may ebb and flow over time but it takes a while to go away completely. The odds are in your favor that if he’s loved you before, you can easily win back his love once you learn to love yourself too.

Let me know if this makes you feel any better, gives you more confidence and generally helps in any small way, as I’d like to keep posting helpful advice if you enjoy reading it! If you’re interested in learning how to get back with your ex step-by-step, you can read my review of a book which is recommended on this site called the Magic Of Making Up. This will inform you of it’s contents and why I recommend it here.

Thanks for reading.

Rooting for ya, Mike

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