The Truth About Flings

FlingMany people in this world have had a fling. Do you know exactly what a fling is? A fling is basically a time of two people’s lives where they are infatuated with each other but have no desire to be in a committed relationship. Flings can typically happen after meeting someone at a bar, meeting someone on vacation, or just meeting someone at work. The difference between a fling and a relationship is the seriousness of it. If you want a relationship, do not have a fling with someone because they are not serious. If you want a fling, do not have a relationship with someone.

How is a fling different than a relationship?

According to most men, a fling is not much different than a relationship. Years ago, couples used to court each other before officially dating and committing. Some may argue today that flings are the new and improved form of courting. You may still be seeing other people, you may still not be completely committed, and you are exploring your options which is somewhat similar to courting. Flings are basically a mutual agreement between both people involved that you will not get attached to each other and will not make things serious. In many people’s opinions, most people have a fling before ever having a relationship.

Do you want your fling to become a relationship?

Sometimes, once you get to know the person you are having a fling with quite well, you may want to turn your fling into a serious, committed relationship. If you want a relationship out of a fling, you must read into the signs. Are you only hooking up at nighttime? Have you ever shared a meal together? Do you talk about serious issues in your lives? Do you consider this person a friend or just a hookup buddy? What were the terms you agreed to? Figure out the answers to these questions and if you feel your fling is turning into a relationship, go with it if that is what you want. In many cases, flings do turn into relationships because you are getting comfortable with each other.

Another tip if you want your fling to become a relationship is to ask your partner about it. Ask your partner if they are feeling the same way you are. Do they want a relationship? What are their future plans? Are they dating other people as well? Talk to your partner about your feelings if you are serious about having a relationship instead of a fling.

Why did you choose to have a fling instead of a relationship?

Before you confront your partner about having a relationship instead of a fling, consider why you agreed to have a fling instead of a relationship. Are you too busy with work and other personal matters to have a relationship? Do you want to date other people to see who else is out there? It only takes one person to change your mindset and change your life and if you feel that the person you are having a fling with could be the one, make the necessary changes to try for what you truly desire.

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